The United States Karate Organization Does Not Teach Karate

In anything learned, names are helpful indicators for people to have a good idea what a school or instructor teaches. Karate (空手) has a particular set of strategies, tactics, methods and techniques and a way that it approaches grappling. It is my belief that the foundation of the curricula of both the United States Karate … Continue reading The United States Karate Organization Does Not Teach Karate

Towards Combat Totality

I suggest that the 12 categories of Lacoste-Inosanto Kali as a robust standard for combat totality.

A Rare Kata: Kensei Dai

I train Shorin-Ryu Karate at the Pro-Am Martial Arts Academy in Murrieta, CA. When I got to the blue belt curriculum, my instructors introduced me to the kata "Kensei." Anytime I learn a kata after getting the basic sequence, I go into research mode to learn as much as I can about the particular kata. However, gathering … Continue reading A Rare Kata: Kensei Dai

Jeet Kune Do Principles

Jeet Kune Do Probably Isn’t What You Think It Is

Lee Sijo defines Jeet Kune Do in a letter to his senior student Taky Kimura in February of 1967