Towards Combat Totality

One of the main principles that Sijo Bruce Lee emphasized in Jeet Kune Do is the concept of combat totality. Combat as it is. Training every part of your body for every range. Sifu-Guru Dan Inosanto stepped out of the boat and greatly investigated the Malaysian, Filipino and Indonesian Martial Arts (among other arts). He then established the Lacoste-Inosanto Kali method and Maphilindo Silat. This is perhaps the most complete combative system on the planet. Ever. I mean it.
The following is a list of Guro Inosanto’s twelve areas with sub-categories. As my understanding increases, I will add more sub-categories and further refine these categories. The purpose of this list is to help myself and like-minded martial artists develop complete personal combative systems.

1st Area:  Single Weapon

1) Single Stick

2) Single Sword

3) Single Axe

4) Single Cane

2nd Area: Double Weapon

1) Double Stick

2) Double Sword

3) Double Axe

3rd Area: Long & Short Weapon

1) Stick & Dagger

2) Long Stick & Short Stick

3) Sword & Dagger

4) Sword & Shield

5) Axe & Shield

4th Area: Double Short Weapon

1) Double Dagger

2) Double Short Stick

5th Area: Single Short Weapon

1) Single Dagger

2) Single Short Stick (between 12″ and 15″)

6th Area: Double-Ended Short Weapons

1) Palm Stick

2) Double-End Dagger

7th Area: Empty Hands

1) Hand Tools

2) Leg Tools

3) Stand-up Grappling

4) Ground-Grappling

4) Trapping

5) Bite & Pinch

8th Area: Long Weapons

1) Staff

2) Oar

3) Spear

4) Spear & Shield

5) Spear & Stick

6) Spear & Sword

7) Spear & Dagger

8) Heavy Stick (Two-handed method)

9) Long Stick (Two-handed method)

9th Area: Flexible Weapons

1) Sarong

2) Belt

3) Whip

4) Rope

5) Chain

6) Scarf

7) Head Band

8) Handkerchief

9) Olisi Toyok

10) Tabak Toyok (nunchaku)

11) Yo-Yo

10th Area: Throwing Weapons

1) Spear

2) Dagger

3) Stone / Rock

4) Sand / Mud / Dirt

5) Pepper

11th Area: Projectile Weapons

1) Bow and Arrow

2) Blow Gun

3) Sling Shot

4) Portable Cannon/Firearms

12th Area: Mental/Spiritual/Emotional Training

1) Healing Arts

2) Spiritual Arts

3) History, Philosophy, Ethics & Traditions

4) Music & Rhythm Training

photo credit: Vee-BY Governor’s Palace via photopin (license)


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